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Coya Bundle

  • You want to experience the worlds of Coya instead of watching? Here you get a copy of current Coya Projects.
  • New contents for all saisons! All future Coya Projects will be contained in the Bundle!
  • Current formats: COYA SURVIVAL PLUS

10 Slots for 30 Days

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Coya Survival Plus

Come be a part of the new ARK PvP Projects of Coya from the start and play with your friends this extremely challenging scenario. The Survival Plus Mod changes ARK considerably! Only few dinos are tameable, the producible objects are mostly privitive, there are innumerable new weapons and tools. Moreover, the players must learn professions and are obliged to trade and exchange - or even to rob the opponent in addition to new survival aspects the PvP is also a constant threat. This scenario plays on the map "ISO: Crystal Isles", which offers a superb backdrop - and the very rare crystal-dragons, the real rulers of this world.


4.6 / 5
478 reviews