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ROKH Server hosting

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ROKH Server hosting

ROKH Server - instantly online, pre-installed and no waiting time!

With ROKH, the developers from studios Darewise Entertainment and Nvizzio Creations have finally created a powerful survival sandbox game, which has a much better atmosphere than Avorion, Space Engineers etc. Authenticity is at the forefront, ROKH feels really realistic, forcing the player practically to face the hostile environment of the planet Mars with science and teamwork. It will be hard for individualists, because ROKH is really an astronaut simulation at the highest level. The ROKH server is based on the Unreal 4 Engine and has a smooth gameplay experience. The developers have implemented the community ideas surprisingly well.

The Marsian: Multiplayer Astronaut simulation on Mars

Fascination Mars, dozens of books and films deal with the red planet. With ROKH, a unique simulation is entering the stage, because you really feel a bit like Matt Damon aka Mark Watney. Icy temperatures at night, high radiation levels and frightening sand storms make colonizing not easy. Important on an ROKH server are first the resources like water, oxygen and food. ROKH does not lead us through a linear action line, but awakens the astro scientist in us, who, together with friends, prepares to change the hostile environment into a friendly one. Resources must be collected, the station expanded and weapons can also be established on a ROKH server.

ROKH Server hosting - in the Gamecloud!

ROKH servers offer space for up to 64 players, but the whole server is already alive with 10 players. You can rent your ROKH server without waiting times, the whole is based on a prepaid basis. You can pay over Paypal, Paysafecard, immediate transfer or credit card. For users from the Netherlands or Poland, we also offer ROKH Server via the online services iDeal and przelewy24. So no subscription contract, no long waiting times, just immediately online and at any time switchable between the various games of Gamecloud. For ROKH servers, we use high-performance Dell server hardware with fast SSD disks and the latest Xeon CPU generation from Intel. Full flexibility and instant online, that are ROKH servers at in the Gamecloud.


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