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ARK Extension Aberration is now available on all servers!


The long-awaited expansion of ARK Aberration is finally here. You find yourself on the new map in a damaged ARK environment again. The world is harsh and it's hard to survive. There are new creatures, weapons and biomes. Get started on your GPORTAL world right now in Aberration.

Aberration is an abandoned ARK by its builders. The extreme solar radiation and other environmental dangers put you in a completely new scenario. The huge cave system requires extraordinary climbing features from you. A glider suit, which will allow you to travel long distances quickly, is also part of the game. Aberration is the last big secret of all ARKs and only the strongest of them will be able to reveal them.

What features are waiting for you:

  • Intense radioactivity and huge cave systems dominate this ARK.
  • New creatures: The radiation has created insane creatures.
  • The Rock Drake, which can disguise itself like a Chameleon, he can sail through the air and climb
  • The Lantern Pug that is donating light
  • The huge "Cave Crustacean"
  • The "Nameless Queen", who can lay her brood in the body of your enemies
  • Over 50 new items that you can make. New tools. Climber, gliding suit, zip lines and much more.
  • New engrams to help you cope with the harsh world
  • Explosive ammunition, rechargeable lanterns, glow sticks and railguns
  • New raw materials, fish traps, gas tanks for a better base!
  • The hordes of the indomitable Nameless
  • At the very bottom of the aberration, there is the awesome boss

Wow. There's a lot coming up for you. In order to have the best possible gaming experience with your friends, you can now start all servers with the new aberration map. Have fun surviving!

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