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Battalion 1944 servers are now available at GPORTAL


Battalion 1944 is the new FPS shooter from Bulkhead Interactive. Thematically enter World War II and carry out epic battles on the battlefield.

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Battalion 1944, the new shooter from Bulkhead Interactive is a successful WWII shooter. Here you can find elements from the popular CoD and also from MOH. For fans of these games, you have to play this game

Whether in the well-known infantry-based 5vs5 or Capture-the-flag, lovers of this genre get their money's worth. On relatively small maps, it comes to action-packed confrontation and the players must demonstrate their skills - even in stressful situations.

The popular UT4 engine is the optical foundation of the new game. The oppressive atmosphere of the Second World War, the developers have vividly designed and you feel right into the action. The game i based on classic shooters from the 90s - in a very positive sense.

On your own GPORTAL server, you can set the battle like you want to. Our web interface is simple and also provides inexperienced administrators an easy way to operate their own server without any problems.

Rent your Battalion 1944 server at GPORTAL today and enter the war!

More on the official website, as well as in the official trailer:



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