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Certified REND server - available today at GPORTAL


REND is Frostkeep's new multiplayer survival game. Join one of three factions and fight for the ascent to Valhalla.

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REND - Frostkeep's new multiplayer survival game.

The game takes you and your friends to Midgard. There you join your faction and build your combat base. But your opponents are not sleeping, so be on the alert. Your base is still protected from the enemy factions. But how long?

Improve your character, upgrade your base and help your fellow combatants. In REND you fight for survival and the ascent to Valhalla. Not only the two other factions will make your life difficult, but also wild monsters lurking in the hidden.

Will you ascend to Valhalla as a hero? Or will the fight cost you your life? Find out!

On your "Certified" REND server, you can customize the game to your liking. Your friends can play with you on your server and assist you in battle or even be your enemies. Decide today and rent your REND server at GPORTAL and face the dangers.


More about REND can be found on the official site: 



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