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Get your own Staxel server. Now at GPORTAL


Humble Bumble is the publisher of the new farming-sandbox-game from Plukit. This early-access game is a great combination of Minecraft and Stardew Valley, with a nice influence of Harvest Moon. The great aspect: It's multiplayer. You can rent your own Staxel-server now, at GPORTAL.

Order here:

Welcome to your home on your new farm. In the village you will meet nice NPCs, which even will give you quests to do. Look forward to get great rewards. The game is not only about farming. You like to go fishing? Just do it! And you are not alone: Invite your friends to join you.


You will start the game with a small run-down farm, which you can rebuild completly. Start planting vegetables or fruits. You can even own animals to care for.


But what is the best aspect? You can reubild the whole world like you want to. Your fantasy doesn't need to have any limits. It is easy to install mods. You can set various settings in the webinterface on your own server at GPORTAL.


See more on the official webiste and in the official launch-trailer:




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