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Heat server are available at GORTAL now!


The Wild West is calling you! From now on, you can let off steam in the sandbox title "Heat" and do what you want. Fans of the Wild West have been waiting for this game!

A map with a size of 67 square kilometers and up to 20 biomes promises plenty of variety and makes the hearts of sandbox lovers beat faster. In Heat you can start your own family together with NPCs or other players, if that does not work out; yes, that does happen, you can consider adopting. 

Your children will visually resemble you and go through different ages.  Food is important for the development of your family. You can run farms or kill animals and prepare dishes from different ingredients. As your offspring matures, they can be armed with weapons and stand by you in the fight.

Heat offers you a very special opportunity to take on a variety of positions in the game.  A few of those positions are Indian, Farmer, Dealer or ultimately, President of the United States of America, everything is possible!  Each of these positions has its own bonuses and game advantages. For example, the President lives in the White House and gets a golden weapon or if you are a born dealer, you can own your very own shop, sell goods and take orders.  Do we have to tell you more? Get your own heat server today.  Play and live your passion!


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