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Onset offers you unlimited possibilities


In the new Open-World Sandbox Game "Onset" all options are available to you. Due to the huge LUA-Script support you can install new plugins or write them yourself in no time at all.

With Onset, a completely new multiplayer approach will be released on 13.12.2019. Up to 300 players can race together on one server, run RP or explore the 20 square kilometers at the same time.

With over 400 LUA functions, players and server operators can give free rein to their creativity in the Unrel Engine 4. For Onset there are various plugins, some of them free of charge. Thanks to the Unreal Engine 4, Onset is a graphic highlight and will continue to be a visual highlight in the next years.

Thanks to the flexibility of the game, users with HTML/CSS/JS knowledge can also redesign the complete UI according to their own wishes.

RP on the next level

Onset is ideal for role play projects. There are no restrictions when creating your own scripts, models or functions. The implementation of 3D models is possible without further restrictions and explicitly requested by the development team "Blue Mountains".

The team of Blue Mountains points out that Onset was not developed for RP, it is a script based sandbox game.

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Onset Trailer




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