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SCUM Update 0.4 - Lock'n'Load


With the patch "Lock'n'Load", SCUM focuses on the power of weapons! Besides weapon malfunctions, new animations and scopes you now have the possibility to shoot from a moving car. Sit in the car with a friend and enjoy wild chases with other players.

Overhaul of the vehicles

With the new update you can not only shoot from a vehicle - also the vehicles themselves have received a complete overhaul.
You need cover during a firefight, for example? Use the open door of your vehicle as cover.
Something bangs while driving? Better check if your vehicle has a flat tire.

SCUM - 0.4 Patch - Lock'n'Load Trailer


Become one with nature

You always wanted to sit for hours in the woods and stay undetected? With the new Ghillie you can do this now.
If an enemy comes near you, kill him silently with a bayonet.
So that you don't get your hands dirty when removing the body, there are also new gloves.

Discover SCUM 0.4 on your own server

Get your own SCUM server at GPORTAL today. The usual high quality, latest hardware and your own SCUM server is online within three minutes.
The new patch is available now.

Rent your own SCUM Server

Lock'n'Load - Welcome to SCUM!
Watch out!
Due to the new update a wipe of all servers is necessary. Official as well as private servers have to be completely wiped and rebuilt for the update.


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