-Patch Notes- ARK (191.0 + 192.0)

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  • Current Version: v191.0
    * New Creature: Trilobite, your new favorite renewable source of Chitin and Silica
    * New Metal Sickle weapon for harvesting Fiber from seed-plants
    * New Modern Polymer Canteen Item stores up to 300 water and uses 100 per sip. (and is lighter than jars)
    * Max Number of Tamed Dinos on the ARK is now server-customizable value, and bumped up the default by 1000
    * Improved loading speed, RAM usage, and streaming performance
    * Redone painting UI to allow switching colors and re-dying brushes from directly within the painting UI
    * Water Jars can now be used twice, with 100 water restored per sip
    * Fixed exploit that could push characters through walls in edge case
    * PvE can no longer add or demolish transponders on non-ally Tamed Dinos or Players.
    * Lots more Admin UI functionality and commands, you'll find them listed on the updated Admin UI
    * Smoother multiplayer character interpolation, jitters eliminated
    * Mac Gamepad input fixes
    * Compound Bow has 5x more effective durability, less camera shake when pulled
    * Admin Spectator camera (and an extra password you can use for anyone to access spectator mode) + spectator-controls UI
    To use the admin spectator, any admin can just use:
    cheat enablespectator

    stopspectating will always take you out of spectator.
    Note that being a Spectator destroys your own player character, you will respawn when leaving spectator mode.

    To use non-admin spectator, the server must specify a spectator password like so in the GameUserSettings.ini:

    or via commandline

    Then any client can use this console command:
    requestspectator mypassword

    Note that the game will remember your spectating state even after you restore save data and/or reconnect, so that you can permanently stay in spectator mode on a server if you wish.

    Some spectator controls:
    Ctrl-N to display a list of players to jump to
    Left click to attach to the player in front of you
    Left Click and Right Click to cycle attached player
    Spacebar to detach
    Shift to Fly Fast
    Ctrl to Fly Slow
    Mousewheel to adjust fly speed

  • Current Version: v192.0
    * Fixed Function and Middle Mouse Wheel keybindings work again
    * Sickle now yields 3x the amount of Fiber it was previously harvesting per stroke.
    * Various Spectator Camera and control improvements
    * Canteen can now be properly filled up at a Water Tap.
    * Primitive Servers now have the missing engrams: Feeding Trough and Sickle
    * Lots more Dino Damage overlays (almost all of them), and now properly dissolves away
    * Fixed a bug that was causing hitchy startup/loading on Mac/Linux and memory spikes on some dedicated servers
    * Reduced aggressive immediate dino repopulation to avoid server lag spikes
    * Players should not randomly become spectators anymore