Who is connected

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  • Hi
    Sorry, but I don´t speak german
    How can I know who is connected in the server? and how can I send a message to all players connected via chat?

  • There is a playerlist with players who are currently online - accessable via Admin Panel.
    atm there is no option to send admin messages to all players on the server - just the normal global chat ingame.

  • Ok, thansk
    At this moment I am not at home. I am asking for that reason.
    I see 2 persons in the game (via the g-portal server web) and I want to tell them that I put a password in the game.
    Thanks anyway

  • The Panel on G-Portal: forget it. It shows that I am online, but I can say for sure, that I´m not even near my PC^^
    It does not work properly.
    You can see it via Steam - if you added the Server there or you can guess if you have all the guys on your server in your steam-fl.

    I have steam installed on my phone,too. And if I need to restart or so, I have some ppl I can tell to tell everyone via global chat togo to a safe spot...