-Patch Notes- ARK (200.0 + 200.2)

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  • Current Version: v200.0
    * "Survival of the Fittest" and "Total Conversion" Support, finally! Here are instructions on how to host your own SotF server, and the various new INI/commandline values:http://steamcommunity.com/app/…ns/10/530649887204866610/
    (the process will get much simlpler with the introduction of the ARK Server Management Tool, later tonight!)
    * Re-Fertilizer now acts upon an area, not on a single foliage
    * Warning time on turrets is no longer used when targeting grenades/rockets
    * Supply Crates that don't move and have no loot (due to no items generated) no longer appear on primitive servers, etc
    * Fixed a bug where getting picked-up while climbing a ladder would teleport you when dropped
    * Fixed Preverving Bin bug with consuming items and not giving you jerky
    * Super ARK Server Management Tool! manage all your mods visually, install new mods and total conversions, update mods, manage all server settings visually, connect to RCON, and soon enough do this all remotely! - Upload and Instructions for this new tool coming shortly.

  • http://steamcommunity.com/app/…ons/0/530649887205025560/

    A notice to all server hosts! - v200 / v200.1
    Hey there server hosts! If you're out there and haven't updated, to v200 yet, we'll have a v200.1 you should wait for coming up shortly!

    We found a funny issue where players can end up losing their custom character appearance when re-logging into a server, and v200.1 will fix that issue!

    So you might want to wait a few before updating, so your players don't lose their appearances!

    Thanks a bunch!

    - The Right Hand

  • 200.1

    Status: Angekündigt (kommt innerhalb der nächsten 30 Minuten)

    Fix: Serverseitiges Problem behoben, bei dem ein Spieler seine komplette individuelle Ausrüstung verlieren könnte, nachdem er sich neu mit dem Server verbindet.

  • Current Version: v200.2
    * "Survival of the Fittest" Officials are now difficulty 1.0, not 4.0 -- haha ;)
    * You no longer lose your character visual customization if you reconnect -- ouch now we need some "Plastic Surgeon" capability to help anyone who lose their beautiful distinct looks! Admins will get that this weekend, and on Official we'll handle it with our admins for anyone who was affected in this round.
    * Tranq arrows no longer have a torpidity multiplier of 2000 -- d'oh internal testing value!
    * Fixed bug where u could use a timing exploit to fire rockets without consuming ammo! Thank you Steam User "Kiwi"!!! :)
    * Doubling the number of official SotF servers
    * Approx 2 hour rollback since we did a hard-exit of the servers with no warning when we noticed the appearance-smooshing bug, don't wanna leave anyone hanging in a bad spot.
    * In-Progress SotF sessions are currently hidden from the session list until we have better booting notification for being unable to join them (Depending on the server configuration). You can still rejoin in-progress SotF sessions from your "My Survivors" tab, or directly via the Steam Client.

  • Ist das auch bei euch so das kein Mod mehr geht? Im Webinterface sind meine 3 aktiv aber nicht auf der Welt. Der Nackisch mod zb is auch nicht da wodurch alle neu spawnen müssen und die alten Modelle samt gear verschwinden.

  • 200.2

    • Survival of the Fittest - Offizielle Server nun mit Schwierigkeit 1.0 statt 4.0 ausgestattet
    • Man verliert beim Verbinden nun keine visuellen Anpassungen bei seinem Charakter
    • Admins bekommen dieses Wochenende ein Tool mit der sich Spieler visuell anpassen lassen können
    • Tranq-Arrows haben nun keinen Torpidity Multiplier von 2000 (verdammt, interner Testwert :D)
    • Bug behoben bei dem man durch geschicktes Timing Raketen abschießen konnte, ohne sie dabei zu verbrauchen
    • Anzahl offizieller SoTF-Server verdoppelt