Xbox one server rental

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  • i rented a server on xbox one but it is not showing up even though my transaction shows "completed". i am paying for a service i do not have access to. what's going on?

  • Hey, we are already looking into that problem? Could you open a new support request? So we cloud look into your server and give you further information about that issue. :)

  • Hi,

    Microsoft Xbox Live System had some issues yesterday, that lead to the fact that you weren't able to see your server rental since you could not auth with the Xbox Live System. That also effected all servers and caused them to restart every 5 seconds. So it was all Xbox Live related all issues. Microsoft got everything back to work and everything should be fine now.

    So nearly all issues with your server yesterday should be Xbox Live Auth related, if you login into the game and if you are really authenticated with Xbox Live you should see your rented server and be able to use it.

    However there is still a bug with the Serverbrowser itself that causes not all servers to show online even if they are. This will be fixed with the next update of the game.

  • I am a friend of the OP and checked for him as he is away atm. He had a ticket in on his account, I checked for him and no his server is not appearing yet. He was billed, has a receipt, has done everything right. Please look into his active ticket.

  • same goes for me got a Bill for renting a Server but after i got off the Marketplace it said rent failed so i paid for it but didnt get a server

  • Hello,

    we have already written at statement in our US Forum.

    "...If you have purchased a server with Microsoft and have not received anything yet, I have to tell you that we do not have any solution for this ready by now. The error occurs somewhere between Microsoft and Funcom. I know this is unsatisfying for you and you already spend money for something that you did not receive. Therefore we are pushing really really hard Funcom to get this thing solved. The best way currently would be to request a refund from Microsoft and try to order again which leads us to our next problem. We are currently stopping all sales till Microsoft and Funcom fixed that issue. We don’t want money for something that is not working like it should. I know most of you didn’t have had any problems and got their products and are already enjoying it but it’s unfair for those who purchased something and did not receive anything. And I can tell you if that would be something we are responsible for we would have had fixed it already but we have to wait here for others. Again my apologies."