BF4 - Rock n Roll Server

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  • 24/7_OPERATION_LOCKER ALL_WEAPONS_NO_RULES_3200, is constantly kicking players! become your server # 10

    Bad admin kid who ban for reason "behavior" When someone kill him! Admnis protect peiper_79er witch is toxic kid and all the time make a voteban war!

    Before this server to change his name from:


    admin kick legit players even VIP's when they do fast kill steak for reason "high ping!" Noob admin and bad server! The worst part is if abc1958405814 ban you this ban will be over all RnR servers for reason "behavior" :D:thumbdown:

  • Hello llFluffyMixll (or give me your correct ingame name if i am wrong :-)

    i wrote you an email why you were permabanned on our servers. We also found your 2nd account


    Fluffy_power1245 was permabanned on the old locker server with the reason GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN 180267a6. Also this account is banned here:

    Seems that our cheat-detection tools are running very well. Player who will be detected with old banned accounts using new accounts will also banned from our servers. Lots of player like our servers in reason of our handling of suspected issues.

    I will end it with my words i wrote you at the end of the mail:

    There are a lot of bf4-servers you can play - but not on RnR-Servers.


  • Kickt Ihr immer noch User mit der Begründung High Ping, obwohl der Ping in Ordnung ist!!!!

    Ich hoffe mal sehr das Eure Server leer bleiben.

    Hallo desio,

    wie andere Serverbetreiber auch haben wir automatisierte Tools laufen die Spieler kicken, welche über dem "ping-limit" liegen. Der variiert je nach Spieleranzahl und Server und ist für alle gleich. Offensichtlich haben andere Spieler damit kein Problem, denn unsere Server sind auch trotz Deiner Wünsche voll.

    Viel Spaß Dir noch bei BF4


  • I’m not allowed to go to your server. My son played a long time ago. I think he’s banned. Please explain why? If you forgive bad behavior or insult. Forgive me. My nickname in the game EliseevDm. I am novice in the game simply took the profile of the son he no longer plays. Please unban if the violation is not serious. Regards to va