Procon keeps restarting !!!

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  • Hello guys,

    Of course I bought a BF4 server and installed some plugins in the Procon like: Adkats - AdkatsLRT - MULTIbalance - PRoCon Chat, GUID, Stats and Map Logger - - and ProconRulz.

    So everytime i say a command whether in the procon from the Chat tab or in the game it restarts the Procon and gives like (David killed for the first time) where actually it is in the middle of the round ^^ lol also he kills before. but because the procon restarted.


    i the g portal server page, the " Game server load" section does not show any CPU or RAM data. (Below Picture)

    Thanks a lot.

  • eh strange xDDDDDDDD.... maybe you should enable logging:

    Config/procon.cfg: Change:

    1. procon.private.options.consoleLogging False
    2. procon.private.options.eventsLogging False
    3. procon.private.options.pluginLogging False
    4. to:
    5. procon.private.options.consoleLogging True
    6. procon.private.options.eventsLogging True
    7. procon.private.options.pluginLogging True