Wurm Unlimited

  • Hallo,

    mein Spieleserverwunsch wäre "Wurm Unlimited" (Steam-Store), das spin-off des lange vorhandenen "Wurm Online" (Homepage des Publishers).

    Das Spiel war initial ein gemeinsames Projekt von "Rolf Jansson" und "Markus Persson" (alias "Notch"). Notch hat sich dann seinem "Seitenprojekt" Minecraft gewidmet, wir wissen alle was daraus geworden ist ;-)

    Wäre cool, falls der Dedicated Server nicht zu ressourcenintensiv ist.

    Grüße, Dr.Seth

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    Firstly, dedicated servers still exist and that won't be going away any time soon...

    About connectivity issues:

    Most people have three IP address.
    - This is your "localhost". You cannot bind your External IP to this,
    but you can use it for your "Internal IP". This is the same for every
    machine, it's a loopback and will always loop back to the machine you're
    on and never go anywhere else.

    LAN IP - This is the IP address
    your router or gateway gives you. It's often a 10.0.x.x or a 192.168.x.x
    number. You can see this on Windows by opening a Command Prompt (Start
    -> Run -> cmd, or just type "cmd" in on newer Windows with a
    search bar). Once opened, type "ipconfig". You're looking for something
    that says "IPv4 Address". This is what you want to use for your
    External IP address unless you're hosting on a machine.

    Note: On Windows, the server usually does a very good job at auto-configuring the IP address.

    IP (also called an External IP) - This is the one that your ISP gives
    to your router or gateway, and is what shows up when you connect to
    sites. This will NOT work for an IP Address if you're going through a
    router or gateway (as most home users are these days). If you are
    hosting on a dedicated machine, your provider will give this to you. In
    that case, you DO want to use this for your External IP (but not for
    your Internal IP!).

    You also need ports open in order to appear on the Internet tab. You can find out more about those ports here: http://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Server_administration_(Wurm_Unlimited)#Network_Configuration

    information on forwarding ports, I'd recommend writing down the make
    and model of your router or gateway (the box your ISP gives you) and
    jumping on Google - search that and add "port forwarding" at the end.
    You should be able to find decent documentation. You will need to know
    your LAN IP before you can forward ports.

    If you still have issues, please reply or send me a message! "

    Hatte am Anfang auch ein Problem mit dem Server, da ich meine "externe" ISP IP eingetragen hatte, so aber der Server nicht funktionieren kann.
    Seitdem ich meine "LAN" IP benutze (192.168.xxxx) funktioniert sowohl LAN als auch Internet-Play und connecten problemlos.

    zu a) und b) kann ich natürlich nicht viel sagen, da ich keinen Einblick in Eure support-Anfragen etc. habe.

    War ja nur eine Frage, ob g-portal das prinzipiell anbieten will oder nicht. Würde mich natürlich freuen, aber das bleibt ja Eurem "marketing"-Team überlassen ob sich der Aufwand etc. lohnt.