[EN] Question regarding server features

  • Hi,

    I have a few questions regarding support/hosting with G-portal.

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    1. Do you have full cluster support and are there any limits to the amount of servers you can have?
    2. Do they incorporate a shared configuration or separate config per each server?
      1. Small extra to this, can we restart a server separate or only the whole cluster as 1?
    3. Can we adjust command line parameters?
    4. Do we have full FTP access to each separate server or will a shared folder be created?
    5. What is the SLA time on P1 outage? is there a 24/7 support hotline and how is support handled?
    6. i've heard that slots can be bought in for the cluster f.e. buying 30 slots for a 3 server cluster would set each server to 10 slots, is this true? How does this translate if at a later stage we want to upscale or downscale to more or less slots and/or include a 4th server?
    7. How do we order a clustered setup? our aim is to have 4 servers in future, but have 3 at this moment. is it possible to include a 4th one?
    8. Support hopefully is not needed (means superb service!) but if it's needed, do you have fluent English speaking representatives.

    Note, myself i'm from NL and i can understand german, but for support/technical i'll always switch to english.

    We're looking for a host, and our last host proofed to have difficulties with their technical know-how and their support is somewhat poorly/time-consuming at best.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


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  • Regarding point 2,1
    > Does this article also applies to clustered ARK setups? > https://www.g-portal.us/wiki/Restart_Server

    Regarding point 6,
    > found this https://www.g-portal.us/wiki/H…d_the_term_of_my_cloud%3F

    Regarding point 7,

    > found this https://www.g-portal.us/wiki/A…val_Evolved:_Cross-Travel

    So those can be crossed off i guess!

    Not the strong survive, but those willing to adapt! - #mindset

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  • Hey,

    1. I have currently 3 servers in cluster and i know some people here have even more than that, so i dont think there is a limit.

    2. You have to configure each server sepperatly and add the cluster ID via the Basic settings tab (there is an option for that)

    3. There is no way to do that directly but you have a few options in the Basic settings tab.

    4. You have access for each individual server. there is no shared folder. (you dont need the FTP, you can do everything in the webinterface)

    5. support is 24/7 online and they usaly answare in under 10 minutes if you use the ticket system.

    6. Yes your cloud size says how many slots you have for all servers combined, you can make your cloud bigger at any time but you have to pay for the difference at that moment. Creating new servers is not a problem and changing stuff around within the cloud limitations is free.

    7. Just order the amount of slots you need for all the servers combined. If you aim for 3 ark servers the minimum of slots is 10 per server, so you need a cloudsize of 30 slots.

    8. The support is fluent in English. (needed criteria for that job)

    i hope that helps you.


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