Official server #803 PvP-Normal - pls set correct time!

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  • Official server #803 PvP-Normal -


    has incorrect time settings!

    set the time of the raid as it was: start 17 00 Moscow, ends at 23:59

    or 13 00 GMT :evil:

  • g-portal provides the most disgusting service!

    after my treatment the situation became even worse, now in the game time stopped , and the raid time is 24 hours

    U hired idiots? funkom for all the questions points to your side saying that its gportals fault. Can at last solve a problem or so and will be silent?

    god damned retards ruined server

  • the problem is not solved. raid time 24 hours, and day 24 hours, time has stopped. Why do such stupid and irresponsible people work in G-portal?

    all was well, who asked you to change the address of the server? if you do not know how to do it, do not meddle and do not touch anything!

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  • Hello,

    first of all this is a Community helps each other Forum, nothing to reach out to us directly. If you need any assistance reach out directly to us through our support system.

    This Forum is not ment to solve such issues.