Conan Exiles Release date the 8th of may 2018

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  • Hi,

    As they have announced the release date to be the 8th of May, do i not know if anybody other then me have some question.

    I rented a server and want to know how the release will be handled.

    Shall we uninstall and then install or can we just update/reinstall the server :?:

    (I wish to wipe the server, so everyone starts from lvl 1)

    Also how long time after the release, before it's possible to update/reinstall the server :?:

    Is there anything we need to keep an eye on, other then it could be a busy day with all the servers that need to be update/reinstall to full version of the game :?:

    I guess that the mods need to be updated before it can be used, so would it be best to not add any mods at day 1 :?:

    i have a Conan Exiles PC server, don't know if there will be any differents to the question for the consoles.


    Sorry for bad spelling and grammar, I'm dyslexic and English is my second language.

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