conan exiles ps4 server full but no one on it

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  • hello i have a conan exiles server for 20 slots on my ps4 but even when there is only 1 person on and i try to connect it says server full 20/20 when its clearly not as its passworded

    but my other can members have no trouble logging on(

  • The problem with "20/20" full (mostly with shown Ping of 9999) is existing since the PS4 Patch from 3 days ago.

    You can "solve" this, if you let the Serverlist load *completely* (the three dots under the Serverlist must stop moving), when this is done, put the Name of your server in the Searchbox (your Server should be listed).

    If this is the case, *then* you can select the Refresh Button in the lower right.

    (the Serverlist will refresh and your Server should be shown with the correct values = you can join).

    This is not a problem on G-Portal side, it is based on the Serverbrowser In-Game (developer Funcom is already aware of the problem (no ETA on Fix)).

  • thats not working for me also on my g portalon my server its saying used slots 20/20 is there another way i can try iv asked in a ticket but they still havent replied