Conan Exiles PS4 - Server listed as invalid in game, no option to update server in g-portal

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  • Hi Guys!

    First off, sorry that this post is marked as German, but the only language I can select from the drop down is German!

    My problem is pretty simple to explain and is summed up in the title. When trying to connect to the server in Conan Exiles PS4 the server is listed as invalid . When I access the server in g-portal I am not given any notification that the server is out of date and I haven't spotted any obvious way to manually trigger an update. Prior to this problem I did change the friendly-fire configuration option to 0, but changing it back to the original 0.25 has not rectified the issue, so I suspect that is not the cause.

    Any suggestions?



  • Turns out the update had not been pushed out to PS4 before I tried to connect. I did manually check for an update on the console, but there was none found. It is now updating so I shall leave this question and answer here in case someone else has this problem.

    In conclusion: G-Portal update their servers faster than Sony pushes out client updates! :D

  • My advice would be. Just uncheck the Server Auto Update function on the g-portal mangement page.

    I did so after I had been kicked out of the blue by the Server during an update.

    I fear this may cause trouble when you didn't disconnect manually in a proper way.