Has anyone migrated their ARK servers from Nitrado?

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  • Hello,

    I currently have 2 servers in G-Portal and one in Nitrado. I would like to bring my save game from Nitrado so that I can host all three servers in the same platform and be able cross travel across them. Has anyone done this? I don't see any feature to upload save files.

  • You can try to upload your player, dinosaurs and items to an obelisk, connect the server via id to the cluster network (if the provider goes cross-over, you have to try) and then download everything from g-portal again. The buildings are gone but everything else would be safe.

  • u cant crossover from nitrado to gportal , thats the problem. the only way to bring back your stuff, at least charackter + dinos, is to use the admin system / spawn / dotame stuff.