Wunsch Mod: Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles von Freebi85

  • Guten Tag,

    ich würde mich freuen, wenn DDSS in die Liste der MC Mods aufgenommen wird.

    Der Ersteller des Mods, schmeißt regelmäßig updates raus und hat eine große Anzahl an Spieler die ihm schon folgen.

    Hier die Info zu seinem Modpack (Quelle DDSS News):

       skull_25_xxl.png Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles rocket_xxl.png   


    An Adventure & Expert ModPack for Minecraft 1.12.2


    Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/eUajYmK

    (English, Deutsch, Italiano)

    Over 7 Months of developement (and still going weightlift_xxl.png) have formed a wonderfull and balanced Modpack around Extended Crafting Tables and Artisan Workshops.

    All configs and the most Recipes are Highly Modified!

    This Pack comes with a large variety of powerfull Magic and Technic mods. They are all balanced in each other. weight_xxl.png

    Use Magic Mods to give you advanteages in terms of Technology and vice versa! At a certain Point you will need to follow both paths to build powerfull things.

    All Machines require items from different mods and are crafted in big Workbenches. (5x5, 7x7, 9x9) grid_xxl.png

    You will need a lot of resources if you want to master everything!

    Also, there are a lot of Exploration and Adventure mods to have as much fun as possible! You will find a lot of usefull stuff.. believe me, it's worth it.

    Currently there are 915+ Quests but there is lot more to come!

    The quests are custom made to fit perfectly in with the modpack. Most of the quests have rewards which help you along with other quests. These quests guide you through the pack, helping you reach the end objective.

    Food, Brewing Systems and Agriculture:  cheese_xxl.png   wine_bottle_xxl.png  horse_2_xxl.png

    • Challenging and Customized Food System with Pam‘s Harvestcraft, Spice of Life and Hunger Overhaul
    • A brewing system for making alcoholic beverages with Rustic
    • Bees and Trees with Forestry, Binnis Mod and Magic Bees
    • Large varieties of Potions/Splash Potions and Tipped Arrows with Extra Alchemy
    • New ways to breed and Care for Animals with Animania
    • Resource crops for tons of materials through Mystical Agriculture

    Technology, Storage Systems and Magic:  battery_5_xxl.png  fantasy_xxl.png   box_xxl.png                           

    • Multiple Tech and Magic Mods balanced in each other around Extended Crafting Tables!
    • A lot of Customized Content via Contenttweaker with complex processing lines!
    • Large varieties of power generation!
    • Challeging scientific projects around Rockhounding Mod and Alchemistry!
    • Tons of Customized Tools, Materials and Alloys with TConstruct, PlusTiC and MorePlates!
    • Tons of Utilities around Cyclic, OpenBlocks, Extra Utilitis, Dynamic Integration and much more!
    • Use Refined Storage, Iron Chests, Mekanism Bins, Storage Drawers and more to survive with this massive ammount of Stuff!
    • Conquer the Universe with Galacticraft and Extra Planets to gather important ressources!
    • Use blood based Mods as EvilCraft and Blood Magic / Blood Arsenal!
    • Use the Power of the Stars with Astral Sorcery!
    • Grow step for step together with Botanias fantastic Mana System!
    • Thaumcraft!

    Adventure and Exploration:  brandenburg_gate_xxl.png  zombie_xxl.png  great_wall_xxl.png

    • My Modpack uses Traverse & Zoesteria Biomes along with streams and Dynamic Trees to create a beautiful terrain in the overworld!
    • Extensive, almost endless cave networks thanks to Worleys Caves and Underground Biomes!
    • More than 20 dimensions to explore (which includes planets like Mars, fantasy dimensions like the Twilight Forest and much more)
    • Massive Underground Structures around Roguelike Dungeons and Doomlike Dungeons!
    • Dangerous Ruins and other random Structures with spawners and extra Chests!
    • Completely reworked Loot-Tables for almost every Dungeon Chest to make exploring more attractive!
    • Roaming hordes of zombies that are attracted to light sources...
    • Dragons, Cyclopes, Hippogryphs and other majestic Creatures to taim, fly or to defeat!
    • Build Airships and Jetpacks to Explore the World or use High-Speed lines in your own Subway System!
    • Protect your Base with OpenModularTurrets and OpenModularPassiveDefence!
    • Plushie Challenge! Collect all the lost Plushies *.*

    Building and Decoration:  hot_tube_xxl.png  wardrobe_xxl.png  chair_6_xxl.png

    • This Modpack brings tons of possibilitis like Chisel and Bits, Architecturecraft, Blockcraftery, Mr. Crayfishs Furnitures, Bibliocraft and more to pimp up your Base

    Full Modlist (Updated 15.12.2018):

    - Actually Additions

    - Actually Baubles

    - Additional Structures

    - Auto Pickup

    - Alchemistry

    - Alib

    - Animania

    - AppleCore

    - AppleSkin

    - Artisanworktables

    - Architecture Craft

    - Aroma Core

    - Aroma Backup

    - Astralsorcery

    - Anthenaum

    - AutoRegLib

    - Avaritia

    - B.A.S.E

    - Baubles

    - Bedpatch

    - BetterFPS

    - Better Questing

    - Better Questing Questbook

    - Better Questing Standart Expansion

    - BiblioCraft

    - Binni Mods

    - Blockcraftery

    - Blood Arsenal

    - Blood Magic

    - Bookshelf

    - Bonsai Trees

    - Botania

    - Brandons Core

    - Crafting Tweaks

    - Ceramics

    - Chameleon

    - Chest Transporter

    - ChickenChunks

    - Chisel

    - Chisel and Bits

    - Chunk Pregenerator

    - CodeChickenLib

    - CoFH Core

    - CoFH World

    - Common Cababilities

    - Compact Drawers

    - ContentTweaker

    - Controlling

    - CookieCore

    - Coral Reef

    - Coroutil

    - CraftStudio

    - CraftTweaker2

    - Connected Textures Mod

    - Cucumber

    - CustomStartingGear

    - Cyclic

    - CyclopsCore

    - DefaultOptions

    - DiscoredRichPresents

    - Doomlike Dungeons

    - Draconic Evolution

    - Dynamic Surroundings

    - Dynamic Trees

    - Dynamic Trees Thaumcraft Support

    - Dynamic Trees Traverse Support

    - Elulib

    - EnchantingTable

    - Ender Storage

    - Enviromentaltech

    - EvilCraft

    - Exchangers

    - Extended Crafting

    - Extraalechemy

    - Extra Planets

    - Extrautils 2

    - Extreme Reactors

    - Farseek

    - FastLeafDecay

    - Foamfix

    - Forestry

    - ForgeEndertech

    - Forgelin

    - ForgeMultipart

    - Furniture

    - Galacticraft Core

    - Galacticraft Planets

    - Galacticraft Tweaker

    - Galaxite

    - Giacomos Fishing Net

    - Guide-API

    - Guidebook

    - Hooked

    - Hunger Overhaul

    - Hunting Dimension

    - IceandFire

    - Immersive Engeneering

    - Industrial Foregoing

    - Integrated Dynamics

    - Integrated Tunnels

    - Itegration Foregoing

    - Inventory Tweaks

    - Iron Backpacks

    - Iron Chests

    - IvToolkit

    - JEHC

    - JEI

    - JEI Bees

    - Journeymap

    - JRFTL

    - Large Fluid Tanks

    - LibrarianLib

    - Llibrary

    - Loot tweaker

    - Loot Bags

    - Magic Bees

    - Malisis Core

    - Malisis Doors

    - Mantle

    - Mcjtylib

    - Mekanism

    - Mekanism Generators

    - Mekanism tools

    - MicdoodleCore

    - MJRLegendsLib

    - MobsPropretiesRandomness

    - Mod Tweaker

    - Moreoverlays

    - Moreplates

    - Mouse Tweaks

    - Mowziesmobs

    - MrTJPCore

    - MTLib

    - Mystical Agriculture

    - Mystical Aggriditions

    - Natura

    - NetherEx

    - NotEnoughID's

    - Nucelarcraft

    - Omlib

    - OpenModulaPassiveDefence

    - Openblocks

    - OpenModsLib

    - OpenModularTurrets

    - Overloaded

    - Pam's Harvestcraft

    - Pams' Cookables

    - Placebo

    - PlusTiC

    - Pneumaticcraft Repressurized

    - Primitive Mobs

    - Progressive Bosses

    - Project Red Base

    - Project Red Compact

    - Project Red Fabrication

    - Project Red Integration

    - Project Red Lightning

    - Project Red Mechanical

    - Project Red World

    - Quark

    - Railplus

    - Random Patches

    - Ranged Pumps

    - Reauth

    - Reborn Core

    - Reborn Storage

    - Redstone Flux

    - Refined Storage

    - Refined Avaritia

    - RFTools

    - RFToolsctrl

    - RFToolspower

    - Rockhounding Chemistry

    - Rockhounding Core

    - Roguelike Dungeons

    - Roughmobs 2

    - Ruins

    - Rustic

    - Rustic Thaumaturgy

    - Simply Jetpacks 2

    - Smooth Font

    - Solar Flux Reborn

    - Spice of Life

    - Steves Carts

    - Storage Drawers

    - Storage Drawers Extras

    - StorageTech

    - Strams

    - TAIGA (Tinkers Alloy Addon)

    - Tinkers Construct

    - Tech Reborn

    - TeslsCoreLib

    - Thaumcraft

    - ThaumicJei

    - The One Probe

    - Thermal Cultivation

    - Thermal Dynamics

    - Thermal Expansion

    - Thermal Foundation

    - Thermal Innovation

    - Tinker Tool Leveling

    - Toast Control

    - Tomb Many Graves

    - Topaddons

    - Traverse

    - Twilight Forest

    - UBC Reworkd and Fixed

    - UniDict

    - ValkyrieLib

    - Vies Craft

    - Vulcanite

    - WanionLib

    - Worley Caves

    - Zero Core

    - Zombie Awarness

    - Zoesteria Bioms

    I try to push out regualar updates to the pack when possible to fix bugs and adding content so be sure to update regularly and to back up your worlds.

    At every update you have to reload the Questfile with: /bq_user refresh or /bq_admin default load

    Note: This is a pretty heavy pack. You will need a fairly decent computer to run it. I would recommended setting your RAM to 8GB

    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/eUajYmK

    (English, Deutsch, Italiano)

    A Modpack by: Freebi Peers