(EN) question about changing the map on the server

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  • Hey all, I hope English is fine, my german isn't very good :P

    A little while ago I started my own ragnarok map server through G-Portal (Love the hosting service btw, 10/10) cause I wanted to play it co-op with a friend of mine.

    Now I found out that you can't actually fight all the normal bosses on Ragnarok, so I'm considering temporarely switching the map to the Island for that purpose.

    Now I have 2 questions regarding this switch;

    1. Can we upload our dinos and characters, then switch the map to The Island (On the same server, I can't afford another 10 slots for a cluster) and then download our characters and dinos again?

    2. Is it possible to save the Ragnarok progress (Dinos left on the map, structures, etc) so we can switch back to Ragnarok after defeating the bosses on The Island?

  • Hey,

    in theorie, i have never tested that, so dont put too much trust into that. It is probably easyer and much saver to rent an extra little 10 slot server for a month.


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  • Same exact question !

    With only one server :

    Can we switch map, and keep the progress ?

    Can we switch map and still tranfer stuff and character ?

    Support please confirm ;)

  • Gonna be testing this pretty soon.

    I'm thinking it may be possible to save the old map as a Back-up.

    And if you allow uploading/downloading of chars/dinos on the server, you could probably upload your chracters/dinos, then turn off the server and switch to the new map, and download them again.

    But I'll see if that works when I try it xD