Ark - Ice wyvern on Ragnarok won't spawn

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  • Hello, I wonder if anyone have the same issue with Ragnarok and Ice wyvern not spawning. I mostly play alone on my server, and there used to be ice wyverns before, but now they are not there anymore. I have tried many tries of dino wipe, but nothing has changed, no ice wyvern or nests or eggs. There is no problem with the other 3 types of wyvern in the trench. Any idea on how to fix it would be greatly appreciated. :*

    Thank you.


  • I have/had the same issue. No ice and alpha wyvern spawns bc of the CF-mod. In the last patch they fixed the problem with alphas, but I still have to check if ice wyverns are spawning as well.

  • You might want to check for an overspawning issue, best method would be the s+ tek transmitter, you shuld have a maximum of 20ish - 30ish Wyverns on your map.

    i fixed it with this (Gameusersettings.ini):











    You need to place one of the admin tokens on your map, if i understood that correctly.

    If this dosnt work, then i have no idea how to help you :/


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  • Hey everyone, I figured it out so I thought I just might share with you. Somehow my dino count was set to 0.8 (I don't remember changing anything so it might have been like that from the beginning?). So I have changed it to 1.0 and that did the trick for ice wyverns, they do appear now. Also I haven't realised until that point that I haven't seen any giga, titan, unicorn or leedsichtys (not sure if I'm forgetting some) like forever. Haven't checked those yet, but I think they will appear now too, as they should. So thanks anyone who tried to help and hope this might help some people who encounter the same problem.