Creating my 3x3 Atlas Grid WIP, need assistance.

  • So I downloaded the server grid editor and designing a 3x3 map. Had some questions pertaining to hosting and creating it. Tried to google as many answers as i could but information seems to be very limited.

    1) How many home regions can i make? can i make 5?

    2) How many spawn regions can i make? can i make 5, 4 freeports and a non freeport?

    3) In the server grid editor it says "Port" and "GamePort" which numbers actually go in there from a server? for example i have

    123.45.678.90:22225 (Rcon Port: 22226) ? which go where?

    4) Is it possible to edit the current server map without a full reset of all peoples characters?

    5) is it currently possible to change settings for each grid separately? not just have the master server delegate its stats to all slaves.

    6) Also whats a good figure to put as Discovery XP? and how do they work for increasing max level?

    7) So when im testing my 3v3 in atlas, i can only connect directly through either GPortal or steam, it doesnot seem to show up within atlas (says session not found in the map search) How do i get it to show up there?

    Will add more questions, as i work through both the server setup and map design.

    Thanks in advance for all the help!

    p.s. i understand german too, but im not a native speaker

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  • i have made my own map and it is live on the server, i didnt put the server IP, ports or that in so i would worry about that to much, seems to be done locally by Gportal.

    My uderstanding is that you need to asign thhe grid to be a spwan region,by makong it a home regionand then you can place as many island in that grid for them to be either freeports or lawless, i havent done a lot of testin with this.

    map change settings reset charcters and we cant do individual server settings. I have put ot to the Gportal devs maybe you could do the same ;)

    For my disco i did 100 xp for non quest items, and then scaled it for the power stone disco but not 100% sure how it effects max XP but i image it allows players to go past the cap set on the server.