-Patch Notes- Current (v182)

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  • Upcoming Version: 182.0 (DEPLOYING!)
    * Approximate additional 10% GPU perf gain on Shader Model 4 pipeline specifically (it was doing a bunch of GPU work that was not applicable to SM4)
    * Full Stone Structure Tier!
    * Major client loading speed improvements
    * Environment foliage rendering performance improvement

    * New Primitive-Only Official Servers! Only stuff available that you might actually find in caveman-era tech, for role-playing fun. PvP, PvE, and PvP Hardcore in North America, EU, and OC. If players like this and the servers get crowded, we can add more :)

    * Finally fixed the remaining Tamed-Megalodon/Swimmer beaching-death case -- thank you RightHand ;)

    * Fixed issue with flying dinos losing Oxygen when they got "near" the water surface
    * Auto-Turrets damage vs dinos increased by 3x
    * Ichthyosaurus can now fit thru dino gates
    * Crop plot yields increased 50% and max # of crop items on them increased by 300%
    * You can now drag item stacks that will make you overweight onto your inventory -- it will now only drag the portion of the stack that can fit in your inventory, rather than not allowing the drag operation at all.
    * Turret aim against big dinos (i.e. Rex) is now fixed
    * You can no longer "respawn" in Hardcore by reconnecting to server

    * HarvestHealthMultiplier should finally work on your custom servers :)
    * Linux client: fullscreen at non-native resolutions now scales properly

    * Restored the previous "overdamage" of Harvestable Resources, while we work in the coming days on a new balance for per-Dino Resource Harvesting multipliers -- unofficial servers can enable the limiting optionally with "ClampResourceHarvestDamage=true"
    * Fixed Shark spawn percentages (may take some time to have effects on existing servers, since the increased Shark population won't immediately despawn. Go Shark Hunting to clear 'em out ;). More Dolphins, and far less Sharks.
    * Fixed Linux Server socket termination crash -- thank you to Steam user 'Beast' for tracking it down :)
    * Fixed mod maps not automatically downloading when connecting to a server hosting a mod
    * Mod makers can now override the minimap and spawn regions


    Wer wartet mit *g* :evil:

  • Ich hab noch nichts geklickt und hab schon kleine Probs *g* Der Servername und das Admin Passwort kann man im Webinterface nicht mehr angeben. Es ist einfach immer ein leeres Feld da egal was man eingibt und speichert. Aber ich warte mal, vielleicht legt sich das noch ^^

  • Das mit dem Admin-PW hatte ich vorhin auch, nun läuft's aber wieder reibungslos. :)
    Zu dem Update selbst.. das würd ich mir schon holen wollen,
    sind tolle Änderungen mit bei. ^_^

    -- “The things you own end up owning you.” --

  • Bei dem letzten Update hatte ich keinen Ladebalken... nur ein rotes "Updating" ... that's it... ;)

    PS: Mykio war flotter... und Herzlichen Glückwunsch.. bei mir hängt's noch ^_^

    -- “The things you own end up owning you.” --