Do I need separate program to change files if I rent your server?

  • Hey, I'm thinking about renting a game server from you for 30 days, but I'd like to modify the basic world of 0,52km^2 to bigger one. I tried to find something on your Wiki, and it showed some Filezilla but video was in German so I couldn't really understand anything. My question however, do I need any separate program or do I need to download something from you to modify files for my Eco server?

    PS. Also, I couldn't find any info about how good slot you are renting, how much RAM and CPU do I get for the server? Is it possible to make 2km^2 world and it won't be lagging?


  • Hi !

    Don't know about Eco, but for "7 days", we can access the config files through the Gportal website.
    (and so, change the world size)

    My guess is it works for all servers, but i can't assure you that.

    As for your PS, i don't think you can have a lag free server with such size of world. No matter tje specs of it.