restarting server, Stays on stopping.

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  • Hi everyone, I have the same complaint, I do not want to stay behind my PC to see if the server is good! Moreover via the web page I do not see that my server bug ... Yesterday I had 3 server crash while this one was full ... It is not very good for the community of my server! I am very disappointed with my purchase

  • I do not think there is a fix. Is this at the exit of the game on Ps4 (funcom), Gportal or others? I do not know but it becomes very annoying for the players. I paid for a functional server rental and it is not. I'm disappointed. Reboot manual almost mandatory every time the crash occurs, i'm not H24 in front of my PC! We only have to pray to the God of gamers that the problem is solved, and quickly enough if not Conan Exil in the trash. Too bad for a game that seems good

  • Same here since 12pm, so what?

    Is there anyone here from g-portal or you just let people alone with problems just you can figure out?

    A simple serveur restart working properly would be a good beginning.