Conan Server Stamina setting not working

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  • Hi I've just setup my new Conan exiles server and configured the settings I want, one of these is the 'Staminacostmultiplier' as well as the other stamina settings. I have set it to 0.1 on g-portal but when I log on to the server via the ps4 it says it's at 1. Is anyone having the same problem or similar issues? Any known fixes? Thanks

  • Same problem, and it s not on all servers. I wonder what could help but any changes I make on the settings don t fix it at all. Waiting for Funcom to fix it because sending tickets seems useless. Off course our players will find another server, who wants to play this game with stamina 1 ???

  • i believe if you goto the gameplay tab and make a change there after you make a change on the server setting tab, it forces the setting to save. least it worked for me.

  • This is STILL going on. I am renting a server for the first time, and trying my had at the whole admin side of things. I'm having this same issue, I came here looking for some answers to my problem, but I see this has been going on since before May. Seems a bit ridiculous. Poor product, but what is one to do if you want a Conan server right. Not sure who's issue it is, G Portal or Funcom, but someone needs to address the issue.

    Fix it, Fix it, Fix it.