Lag Issue for One of My Friends

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  • Please, if any insight, suggestions or solutions can be offered, feel free to give me any information. We are open to nearly anything!

    My fiance and I started this server so that us friends could have a place to play calmly without any tether and to help each other. Well we all have this slight lag that, you know, is fine we can handle a little lag spike here and there. But my one friend is finding it hard to keep playing because he is experiencing these issues:

    1. We live in the highlands with lots of wolves, when he attacks them they seem to either stand still and not take damage from his weapon swings until like 10 seconds later (by this time they have somehow hit him once or twice) or they run at him and just keep running then bounce back and start attacking. Obviously he's a high enough level to take them on but he's taking more damage than he needs to with lag.

    2. When he opens inventory boxes or bags, some things load in others don't until 10 to 15 seconds later.

    We tried having him reset his router and he's also a streamer but it happens while he is streaming and while he isn't. I've also tried adjusting some server settings but nothing helps and we want him to have a good experience with it.