Server 1932 has been acting up for over 3 weeks now, either DDOS or something.

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  • Server 1932 No-ping for Conan Exiles has been rubber banding/lagging for +-12 hours a day, pretty much every day, for 3 weeks now. Ive reported it various times, to funcom, through the reporting page, but nothing is happening still. The server is active, but there is a 20+ second lag and is completely unplayable. You can sometimes still log on/off, and then sometimes you get a buffer overflow error.

    And then today a player counted down and then the server immediately started lagging. You can see that his friends on the server saying something along the lines of 'starting' after the countdown reached zero.

    Can someone please look into this. Do something. I love the game, I've invested a lot of time/money buying all the dlcs, and I have no option but this server when I play with my friends overseas because of the ping restrictions on other official servers. I log in just to keep my buildings from decaying on some days and its driving me crazy and a lot of others on the server as well.