Problems with Server 1932 No-ping are ongoing.

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  • This is a second post.
    It's been a month and a half since we started having issues with Conan Exiles Official Server 1932. Pretty much every day the server was lagging so bad it was unplayable for over half a day at a time. There have been maybe randomly 3-5 days out of the last 6 weeks where this lag issue did not come up. Now it's been impossible to connect to the server with an "outgoing buffer overflow" for a whole day. There was no replies to my last post but I would appreciate it if there was at least some reply that someone is working on this with a possible solution ahead. :cursing:

  • Saturday. Was able to play for 3 hours then again, kicked off and cant log back in. Server appears online, On battlemetrics it shows me and the other people who were on as still on, 15 minutes since it kicked me off.

  • Sunday. Server was up for maybe 6-7 hours? Then kaput. Server appears online, players looks online on battlemetrics but not logged in and cant log back in.

  • Monday was a little bit better. Was playable for slightly longer but with a couple of times where it kicked us out.

    Now Tuesday- Same thing. Outgoing buffer overflow, and can't log into 1932.

  • Wednesday - ell its just daily ritual now isn't it. Server was unreachable for 20 hours, then its available for 3 hours while nameless clan ppl are playing for a couple hours- and when they go, so does the server. Its now got a 2 minute lag. Unplayable. Again.

  • Was down a few hours at a time on friday, down a few times but the server restared on Sat, but after playing 3 hours from 5pm pac. its kicked us off again at 10:20 or so.

  • Monday.

    After a server restart its been possible to log in but there is a 2-3 second lag and rubberbanding making it very difficult to play and impossible to do pve.

  • Thanks for the info. It must suck even more for a server you are paying for, I feel for ya.

    The server my friends and I have been having issues with is a official server open for the game... but its been having issues since mid March, most likely from DOS attacks by people on top of whatever issues they may have normally...

  • So there's been an annoucement that they will try to remove the overlapping building part glitch that is causing the server issues - in 5 days. Thank Crom (Funcom) for listening to our prayers for once.
    Really hope this does clear it up, 5 days couldn't come fast enough.

  • Apparantly the fix is so extensive its going to take a few days, so they have disabled the decay for us so that our buildings (which havent decayed and disappeared already) will not disappear. Fingers crossed its already been 4 days or so not being able to log on.