I can't join my server

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  • Hello!
    I rented a server a month and I didn't have any problems until yesterday. I can't enter my server. I did not make any changes, the previous night I played without problems but the next day my server didn't appear on the conan exile server list, I can't see it in the server browser of steam. I can't join with the direct conection, it says: "Connection Timed Out, Could Not Find Server". When I try to enter using the button "join server" at the gamecloud it says "the server don't respond".

    Other people can join, how can I solve this?
    I tried to restart steam, my pc, the internet, tried to join with another computer (with the same internet) but nothing works.
    I open a ticket, but they are not giving me usefull answers.;(

    Edit: I tried to reinstall the game but didn't work

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