I paid my money for the picture, what is the server running? Or is it a working server?

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  • If your equipment works very poorly or does not work at all, why are you selling a rental?

    I do not mind the money, I am ashamed of deception from you.

    I can’t play on my server for three or more hours on the third day.

    And what's this?

  • I have try to rent a server on Xbox one. But it only says PS4 or PC. And when I go on to the Gportal app on my Xbox one it keeps saying please sign in on Gportal. Will I am sind in and I cant claim the free server you have put on there . And there is not any servers for xbox on your site. So please if your going to bring out a site for xbox MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EVERY GAME CONSOLES ON IT NOT JUST THE ONES YOU PLAY .