Server Names Showing SteamID instead?

  • Hell Let Loose servers responding with the servers unique steamid in the name field instead of the servers name? the only servers displaying the correct information are ones with BlueFangSolutions which also includes the version and buildid's. This effects any website querying a Hell Let Loose server, steam server favorites and also g-portal dashboard.

    Is this a server partner/provider issue that can be fixed or a HLL dev only? Querying a server directly shows the server name is being output to a custom field called 'DCID_s' instead of the name field as well.

    Below is just a example from querying the steam server list for Hell Let Loose servers. First one is correct and second is wrong:

    Though if BlueFangSolutions are HLL's official non-community servers perhaps they are running a newer build thats fixed all of that since even the map names are capitalized?

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