Europa new Rpg server ps4

  • Ok you are ready with admins who do what they want or you do not want a funcom server because it is too slow . me too we have gone with a group of server were finished with the admins who do what they want and start our own server. is started RPG server we are busy preparing. everyone is welcome man and woman there are rules otherwise it is a mess every one can think with us to make it a nice rpg server it is on ps4 pve c we have discort

    server:conan the savage lands rpg

    There is alot of space 2 build and a welcome center

    You can even contact me on ps4 heroeshavenotear if you want 2 know more you can think of me to make it beautiful together with me we have pvp in the weekends with rules fight 4 gold in a arena

    We welcome new players and old are you sparta team.