Admin slots

  • We need admin slots, I host a 16 player 1v1 server. But its almost always full, I basically have to restart the server to be able to join it. I need there to be admin slots since there is no way for me to kick anyone when I am not ingame.

    Do I have any way to force my way into my own server that I pay for?

  • As a fellow Mordhau server host, as far as I know this feature doesn't exist. Though you could consider setting a password on your server and putting it in the title so only people looking for servers in the in-game server browser can find the server and its password in its own title - that is, if you want to remove your server from random matchmaking.

    Regardless, I too am somewhat annoyed that I can't access my server in order to spectate if rule violations are going on... Though I expect this is a design oversight by Triternion, not g-portal :)