New Server: Conan Exiles PS4 +EXP +Gathering +Endurance +PvP (Server name: Bahamut Guard)

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    The server name is 'Bahamut Guard'! No password! Come join in the fun. RP, PvP, PvE, whatever you want to do. Gathering rates are maxed, tool decay is minimized, and building is streamlined. Play to your speed. Buildings and thralls CANNOT be hurt. But players can! So be careful out there, Exiles. It's a dangerous world we survive in!

    (I look forward to seeing a lot of really awesome buildings and bases. Bring your friends, bring your clans, but know that there is currently a 20 man limit. If the server kicks off well enough, I may opt to increase that. But for now I just want to get a feel for what you guys think.)

    Thank you and enjoy!

    PS. As always, donations are greatly appreciated. If there's enough interest in the server, everything donated will go towards increasing the player count limit.…90b2e5233596db3/Sorlamain