Gportal Admin Abuse by WolfDoc - has players on friends list

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  • Conan exiles official server 1590

    The admin WolfDoc has players on his friends list in game that he continually helps out via banning/deleting in game enemies along with allowing behavior against Funcom's terms of service to go unhindered if it is carried out by his friends. He has allowed server crashes to be committed for days locking the server down directly via exploits by these friends and maliciously does not confer this information to The company that hires him to do his job on the server.…anexiles/2247510/downtime

    Intentionally crashing the server is a directly bannable offense in conan exiles, and these actions that wolfdoc has been covering for has gone on for days preventing players from playing. There are also screenshots of players saying he is on their friends list.