Cataclysm PVE [EN PT] Whitelist | Easy to get in list | 8 Free Slot always

  • This is a new server. We decide to open public this one as to check our out community world. xD

    We always got 8 Slot Free, the others need to be Whitelisted.

    We will transform server as our community grow and change, as a complement suggestions are important on this subject. We wanna grow in quality, "NOT in quantity".

    We are evolve server as needed, but we will got events, giveaways, etc.

    This is a newbie friendly, we are here to help you on everything we can support you. Also, for people who do not have the game client. ;)

    And the primary objective of the server is PVE.

    Features now:

    - Currency System

    - VIP System

    - Kits

    - Adicional commands.

    - more information at our space