Official #1313 PvP server huge problem

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  • Hello! I would like to report and also ask about the official pvp #1313 server.

    Many people had lag issues today and once a well known hacker in the server was killed the server crashed.

    Since than in the server that had 40/40 in the afternoons now have 2/40 to maximum 8/40 and lot of people have the same issue, that we get stuck in the loading screen and than we get a “lost connection to server” and “unable to join server” message. This is going for now 10 hours.

    Is it possible to have the server checked that what is going on please?

    Thank you

  • Все выходные застрять на экране загрузки, и потом мы получить «потерянное соединение с сервером». Примите меры.