Cannot connect to any g-portal based servers

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  • I am trying to connect on G-portal based Battlefield servers. which giving me server timed out. I tried Traceroute with Server's IP which giving me following results.

    i tried pinging that servers also but giving me Request timed out.

    also i opend all Battlefield Ports in my Router . My Connection is 50/50 Mbps and ISP is India based "Bharti Airtel". I contacted them and they said there is no issue from our side,

    Connection reaches 7th Hop at and then it's getting failed.

    My Setup for Gaming :

    Main Game : Battlefield 3,

    Static IP : setup for Internal network

    DMZ my Internal Static IP

    Forwarded Ports :

    • TCP: 9988,17502,20000-20100,22990,42127
    • UDP: 3659*,14000-14016,22990-23006,25200-25300

    UDP 3659 is not opening for some reason. MTU : 1498-1500

    Pinging Most München IP gives me 130 - 140 Ping and other then g-portal servers are playable. this only happening for g-portal servers so i came here seeking help badly . please help.