cant log in the server anymore (an update)

  • well. the situation is this.. last night i rented dayz g portal server, continued to setting the server and all that, then test to see i the server is up showing in game in community tab and try to log in, so far so good, i went in seems so far everything allright.

    my next move was to figure out how to add mods to the server each i then proceed to check some info on how to do so and i got to most of the info from posts at the forums here..

    so what i did according to the info i found was..

    1. subscribe to the mods at steamworkshop and load them.

    2. connect to the server with filezilla and upload the mod to the server

    3. make sure there are no spaces in the mod folder name, then copy the mod name as it is with no spaces and add it to the paremeters at the dz launcher at the mods section ([email protected])

    4. close filezilla and proceed to the gportal panel and in the mod section under basic settings to install the mod (i did so toggled with "servermod")

    5. attempt to log into the server (success) but then got back to game main menue with the message "warning you were kicked off the game. (client contain pbo which is not part of server data: common/dayz/!workshop/@modname/(this part was cut off the message screen)

    im stuck at this point..

    hope anyone see this can help.