Help with setting up Minecraft server

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  • First of all, total noob here, I need some instructions/tips on how to set up a custom server to play with some friends.

    So what I'm trying to do is to run a Dungeons, Dragons and Spaceshuttles modpack with some extras. These extras are commands like /fly, /back, /sethome and such. After googling I figured I need the EssentialsX plugin for that (including Vault and LuckyPerms). After some trying and googling, I figured I needed spigot as well to have a plugins folder to run EssentialsX and such. But here is when I'm getting stuck.

    So what did I do?

    I selected spigot from the mods selection page.

    I extracted the modpack, run the Jar files and added the EssentialsX, Vault and Luckyperms to the modpack folder.

    Then I uploaded the modpack folder content to the server using FileZilla, deleted all jar files except for the modpack one, and renamed it to server-file.jar.

    However when I try to connect to the server it's telling me to install spigot!?

    I know I'm doing something wrong.. I just don't know what.. can anyone help this noob out?