Question about Wiki/Guides/Settings

  • Hi there,

    me + colegue from work wants to rent ARK SE server. Never had any so.. we want to research it a bit more.

    1. I'm first poking around how do you set the server etc. before I rent one.. and wiki is like 99% german even with english settings on.. is it just a bug or noone ever tried to translate it to english?

    2. Even screenshots of server settings are in german, is it only in german too or that has english variant? (setting mods etc. in german would be probably quite pain..)

    3. We want first create Island finish it whole ascend then move to Scorch then Aberration - Exctinction.

    Do we need to rent another 10 slots to create cluster, so we can move between those maps (every time we need to move), or can we just finish => upload ourselves + whatever we want to bring with us to other map and then change map on the server settings and just download ourselves there?

    Thanks for any answers :-)

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