Changing maps with 1 ark server

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  • Hi there,

    (I have tried to post it on forum to "allgemein" no answers so far, so I will try support, probably better way..)

    me + colleague from work wants to rent ARK SE server. Never had any so.. we want to research it a bit more.

    We want first create Island finish it whole ascend then move to Scorch then Aberration - Exctinction. (Just go with story lets say..)

    Do we need to rent another 10 slots to create a cluster, so we can move between those maps (every time we need to move), or can we just finish => upload ourselves + whatever we want to bring with us to other map and then change map on the server settings and just download ourselves there?

    (We have never done that so.. we are asking in front how do we need to proceed in front.)

    + 1 more thing.. I'm partly here because a guy Syntac is really fond of you.. I would like to support him but <= This is his promo for 5% discount and well a way how to support him too, but it goes only to playing on US server from EU would not be ping wise probably so.. is there a way how to use that discount + promo from him, here on eu?

    Thanks for any answers

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