Server going offline at it's own will.

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  • I use server for Conan Exiles for few months and this started to happening after mounts update. Server going offline at random point of time. While offline it appears with other name and it's actually A DIFFERENT server that i never setup. So now to play i have to manually go to control panel and bring my server ONLINE. What's going on G? Supposed server name is: Маскарад. While it's offline different server appears: ClerihcServer. I guess i need some clearance here how this happened and what you gonna do to solve this problem as im not the only one getting this. Server located Moscow, Russia. Did you just put second server on same port or something? As you can see server appears offline for me in my control panel but it's online in server browser. It is NOT MY server name, settings or anything else. It's someone else's server laying on my port.