Bug - Recharging Credits

  • Hello,

    I was trying to get some credit for my servers with using: "Recharge Credit" or that "wallet icon" for Payments.

    I checked "VISA" write 250Kč(Kr.. czech crowns) then click Charge - page actualize into:

    "https://www.g-portal.com/en/ch…-b9a0-1e6cac10036a/scheme " here..

    It was blank and nothing written except adresses or basic info.. I saw nothing how to pay my for my server.. I do not have paysafe or paypall so I hoped it will work next day.. still did not.

    I found out that if I use paysafe or paypall.. that page above actually had timer and it resend me onto page where I could pay for my server (if I had paysafe or paypal) luckily paypal offers to pay for you with using your credit card even without having their account.

    So I was able to pay for my server.. but using quite weird way to do it... could you just repair that "Visa/Credit" card payment system?