Will minecraft Java work on my laptop!!

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  • I used to watch Pewdiepie and when he started playing minecraft, I purchased a physical copy of minecraft ps4. It has been like 6 months now and the new Buzzy Bees update is epic. I am now just fed up of all the restrictions that come with playing on a console. You cant use custom textures or skins and it is boring.

    I insisted one of my friends to play Minecraft and he bought Minecraft Java for his PC. He doesnt have a high end pc. All this made me thinking for buying a wireless keyboard for my ps4 but then I thought let us just buy Minecraft Java

    Intel Core i5 8250u 8gb ddr4 ram 2tb 5400rpm hard drive (very slow) The laptop is Hp Pavilion 15 cc132tx

    Will Minecraft Java work on my Laptop?

    I know that the will surely work but will the lag be too much because I'm used to zero lag on a ps4. How much will be the lag?

    Help!!! (Sorry you had to listen to my Mile long story)

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